02 26 Dunkin Calls for Vote on Plan to Save Chicago State
Date: February 26, 2016
Contact: Anthony Jackson
Telephone: 312-498-0107

Chicago – State Representative Ken Dunkin (D-5th District) today called on the General Assembly not to leave town next week until it sends his legislation to rescue Chicago State University to the Governor's desk.

Earlier this week, Dunkin filed HB 6409 in Springfield that would appropriate $160 million in emergency assistance for public universities like Chicago State, Northeastern, Eastern and Western Illinois University, along with $40 million in emergency assistance for community colleges in crisis. The plan is fully paid for without raising taxes or cutting services elsewhere – and the Governor has publicly announced he would sign it into law.

"As Chicago State prepares to take further drastic steps to deal with its budget crisis, it's time for action in Springfield," Dunkin said. "We have a plan – it's bipartisan – the Governor says he'll sign it. I call on the Speaker and every member of the General Assembly to publicly commit that they will not leave Springfield next week until we send my bill to the Governor’s desk for his signature."

Dunkin's bill is HB 6409. It is co-sponsored by Democratic Assistant Majority Leader Art Turner, Democratic State Rep. La Shawn Ford and Republican State Rep. Reggie Phillips.