06 01 Facts About Child Development Programs at City Colleges
The Facts about Child Development Programs at City Colleges
The Center of Excellence for education at Truman College builds on the current strong child development outcomes at Truman to help educate the strong educators of tomorrow, drawn from across the City:

College to Careers partnerships with employers help ensure student success  Each college continues to offer general education courses that prepare students to earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university.

 Each college also is a College to Careers Center of Excellence for a high-demand industry, which allows for stronger and more focused partnerships with industry and concentration of capital investments.
 Industry partners validate the curriculum and provide paid internships and job placements – 4,000 placements since the launch of the program in 2011.
 Under our new College to Careers Dean at Truman, partnerships in the field of education are up four-fold.

Most coursework for child development degrees will continue to be offered at all colleges City Colleges child development degree students will be able to complete between 75% and 95% of required coursework at any of the other six City Colleges before doing their advanced child development coursework at Truman.

Current child development students will not have to take coursework at Truman The new structure will not be implemented fully until January 2018, to allow current child development students the opportunity to finish their child development coursework at their current college.

Truman College delivers strongest outcomes for child development students
 Even before all changes are implemented, Truman college accounts for nearly a quarter of all childhood development completers among the seven City Colleges.
 Annual student placements in the field are up nearly three-fold in two years; 60% of these placements are Truman College students.

Truman College draws students from across Chicago
 60% of Truman’s child development completers come from the South and West sides.
 One in four Truman credit student lives on the West side or the South side of Chicago.
 Truman is home to the only cosmetology program at City Colleges, and nearly 75% of that program’s students come from the south and west sides.

City Colleges is investing in new dedicated child development facilities at Truman College
 In challenging fiscal times – City Colleges has been denied $45 million in expected State funding this year – this approach allows City Colleges to continue investing in world-class facilities.
 Our new $1 million dedicated child development learning spaces at Truman were designed with faculty and industry experts.
Special shuttle program helps further facilitate access to Truman College Truman College is located adjacent to the CTA Red Line. In addition, the free City Colleges shuttle helps boost linkages among our colleges and between our colleges and CTA rail lines.
City Colleges will maintain its child care centers across Chicago We will retain our existing child care centers at Daley, Kennedy-King, Malcolm X, Olive-Harvey and Truman colleges. These sites will also continue to serve as practicum locations for child development students.

City Colleges will offer professional development for child development professionals City Colleges’ Workforce Academy will provide for-credit continuing education for professionals in the field who need additional coursework to meet professional credentialing requirements.