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People across the country started learning about their affordable health care options and started getting covered by visiting or, contacting the call center (1-800-318-2596), attending enrollment summits or sitting down with an in-person assistor.
Open Enrollment for 2016 coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace has begun and ends on January 31, and consumers must sign up by December 15 to start the New Year with coverage.
Need health insurance? Go to right now.
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Since the Affordable Care Act was signed in to law, 17.6 million Americans have gained coverage, and the nation’s uninsured rate now stands at its lowest level ever. In just two years, we’ve reduced the number of uninsured adults by 38%. More people now have the security of health insurance than at any time in the past, thanks to the Health Insurance Marketplace.
When consumers visit during Open Enrollment, they’ll find that:

o Financial assistance helps keep their coverage affordable. This year, about 8 in 10 people who sign up for health coverage through may qualify for financial help to lower the cost of their monthly premiums. And more than 7 in 10 Marketplace consumers can buy a plan for $75 or less a month after tax credits.

o Consumers can shop around to find a plan that meets their budget and their needs. Shopping and switching health plans can pay off. HHS estimates that if 2015 enrollees return to actively shop around for 2016 coverage, they could save more than $600 in premium costs annually.

o It’s easier than ever to sign up for coverage. New features on will help new and returning consumers understand their coverage options in their area, compare plans side-by-side, and easily evaluate which plan best meets their needs this year. During last year’s Open Enrollment, it took most people about 10 minutes to submit an application.
And there are free and confidential options to enroll outside of Trained professionals are available to provide free and confidential assistance.
o Call 1-800-318-2596 for confidential assistance 24/7. Help is available in more than 200 languages.
o Free in-person help is also available in your community at
We have three months to make sure that we reach as many Americans as we can to both re-enroll and enroll in quality and affordable care. And we need your help! We hope you will amplify open enrollment using the below resources, utilizing some of the draft social media language below and #GetCovered, forwarding this e-mail, and directing people to
Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for all that you do, we will be in touch with more information on how you can help get the word out.


Amanda M. Aguirre
The White House | Office of Intergovernmental Affairs | Office: 202-456-3444| Cell: 202-503-5646

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Open Enrollment Resources:

• Press Kit – this will be updated throughout Open Enrollment.
• “Get America Covered” Toolkit (PDF) (English)
• “Get America Covered” Toolkit (PDF) (Spanish)
• Here to Help campaign – encourages local enrollment groups, assistors, navigators and partners to show us how they’re ready for Open Enrollment.
• Earned Media Kit
• Digital Toolkit (attached)
Draft Social Media Language

The Marketplace is Open
• OPEN FOR BUSINESS: The 2016 Open Enrollment period has begun! #GetCovered today: [IMAGE]
o ¡Ya comenzó el período de Inscripción para 2016! #Asegúrate hoy [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• The Marketplace is open! Explore your options to #GetCovered today! [IMAGE]
o ¡El Mercado de seguros está abierto! Averigua tus opciones y #Asegúrate hoy #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• The Health Insurance Marketplace is open! Sign up for 2016 coverage today! [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¡El Mercado de Seguros de Salud está abierto! Hoy puedes inscribirte para cobertura para 2016 [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• It’s time to #GetCovered! The Marketplace is open → [IMAGE]
o ¡Este es el momento oportuno. #Asegúrate! El Mercado está abierto #OurSalud → [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• The wait is over – sign up for 2016 health coverage today! [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¡Ha llegado la hora de inscribirte! #Asegúrate para cobertura en el 2016 [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #OurSalud
• RT to spread the word – the Marketplace is open for business! #GetCovered for 2016 today → [IMAGE]
• On the go? No problem! Visit to enroll in 2016 coverage. [IMAGE] #GetCovered
• Need health coverage? Start here → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¿Necesitas cobertura médica? Haz clic aquí → [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• RT to help a friend know about their options to #GetCovered for 2016! [IMAGE] #GetCovered
• Visit today to enroll in 2016 coverage – don’t wait! [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Visita hoy para inscribirte para 2016. ¡No esperes más y #Asegúrate!#OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]

5 Steps to Staying Covered
• Review. Update. Compare. Choose. Enroll! 5 Steps to stay covered for 2016 → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Revisa. Actualiza. Compara. Escoge. ¡Inscríbete! 5 pasos para mantener tu cobertura en el 2016 → [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• #GetCovered for 2015? Here are the 5 steps to take to stay covered for 2016. [IMAGE]
o Aquí hay 5 pasos para mantener tu cobertura durante el año 2016. [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• Staying covered for 2016 is as easy as following these 5 steps. [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Sigue estos 5 pasos para mantener tu cobertura en el 2016. [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• SHARE: 5 steps to staying covered for 2016. [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Comparte: 5 pasos para mantener tu cobertura en el año 2016. [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• Did you #GetCovered thru the Marketplace last year? Time to stay covered for 2016. [IMAGE]
o ¿Obtuviste cobertura a través del Mercado en 2015? Prepárate para el 2016 y #Asegúrate [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #OurSalud #OurSalud

New Year, New Coverage
• New Year = New Coverage. Explore your options today and #GetCovered for 2016! [IMAGE]
o Año nuevo = Nueva cobertura. ¡Explora tus opciones ahora y #Asegúrate en el 2016! #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• Don’t just make it a fresh start. Make it a healthy start. New year, new coverage → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Empieza con buen pie: Empieza con buena salud. Año nuevo, cobertura nueva. [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• Don’t delay! 2016 is coming. Find a health plan that meets your needs and budget. [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¡Ya llega el 2016! Encuentra un plan de seguros de salud a tu medida en #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• 2016 Resolution #1 → #GetCovered. Check it off your list today: [IMAGE]
o La resolución #1 del 2016: #Asegúrate. Márcala en tu lista: [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #OurSalud
• What’s your #NewYearsResolution this year? Make health a priority in 2016 & #GetCovered: [IMAGE]
• Make your health a priority in the new year! Sign up today for 2016 coverage: [IMAGE] #GetCovered #NewYearsResolution
• Let’s start the new year off right – take action today to #GetCovered for 2016: [IMAGE] #NewYearsResolution
o Empecemos el año de la mejor manera – Toma acción y #Asegúrate [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #ResolucióndeAñoNuevo #OurSalud
• Making a #NewYearsResolution to make your health priority? Don’t delay, start today - #GetCovered: [IMAGE]
• Start the new year right – sign up today for 2015 coverage! [IMAGE] #GetCovered #NewYearsResolution
• Be ready for 2016 with new coverage that fits your needs and budget. GO → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Prepárate para el 2016 con nueva cobertura de salud a tu medida. Visita [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud

You’ve Got Options
• Don’t hesitate – explore your options to #GetCovered today! → [IMAGE]
o No dudes –Explora tus opciones hoy mismo y #Asegúrate #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• Know that you have options. Pick a plan that fits your needs and your budget and #GetCovered today! [IMAGE]
• You’ve got options – visit to explore them and #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
o Tienes opciones –Explóralas hoy en y #Asegúrate #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• Pick the health plan that fits your needs and your budget. Explore your options to #GetCovered today → [IMAGE]
o Escoge el plan de salud que se adapta a tus necesidades y presupuesto. Encuentra opciones en [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• You won’t know until you go – explore your options to #GetCovered today! [IMAGE]
o ¡El que no busca, no encuentra! Explora tus opciones de seguros de salud y #Asegúrate #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]

Fall Themes
• It’s the season to pick apples…and a 2016 health plan. Explore your options today → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
• Carve out some time to #GetCovered – Open Enrollment begins Nov 1! [IMAGE]
o Has tiempo para buscar y #Asegúrate – ¡El Período de Inscripción empieza el 1 de nov! #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• You got that #PSL…now #GetCovered! [IMAGE]
• Coffee break? The perfect time to explore your options to #GetCovered → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¿Tiempo para un cafecito? El momento perfecto para explorar tus opciones y #Asegúrate → [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• Tis the season…to explore your options to #GetCovered for 2016 today. [IMAGE]
o Esta es la temporada… para explorar tus opciones y #Asegúrate para el 2016 hoy. #OurSalud [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN]
• Grab that coffee break and visit too! [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o ¡Mientras te tomas tu cafecito, aprovecha el tiempo para visitar! [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• What do the Marketplace and pumpkin patches have in common. You’ve got options → [IMAGE] #GetCovered
• Compare your options apples to apples and find the plan that fits your needs and budget. [IMAGE] #GetCovered
o Compara tus opciones y encuentra el plan que se adapte a tus necesidades y presupuesto. [ENLACE a] [IMAGEN] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• Fall is the season…to pick apples, and a 2016 health plan! #GetCovered today → [IMAGE]
• It’s the season to pick apples…and a 2016 plan. [IMAGE] #GetCovered

Share Your #GetCovered Story
• Did you #GetCovered? We want to hear from you! Share your story with us: [IMAGE] [LINK]
o ¿Ya tienes cobertura? ¡Queremos conocer tu historia! #Asegúrate y compártela con nosotros: [IMAGEN] [Enlace] #OurSalud
• What does it mean to you to #GetCovered? Tell us your story → [IMAGE] [LINK]
o ¿Qué significa para ti contar con cobertura? #Asegúrate y cuéntanos tu historia → [IMAGEN] [Enlace] #OurSalud
• How is the #ACA benefiting you? We want to hear your story! [IMAGE] [LINK] #GetCovered
o ¿Cómo te está beneficiando el #ACA? ¡Queremos conocer tu historia! [IMAGEN] [Enlace] #Asegúrate #OurSalud
• #GetCovered for 2016? We want to hear from you – share your story with us! [IMAGE] [LINK]
o ¿#Asegúrate para 2016? Queremos saber de ti – ¡Comparte tu historia con nosotros! [IMAGEN] [Enlace] #OurSalud
• Every #GetCovered story is personal. What’s yours? Share it here → [IMAGE] [LINK]
o Cada historia es personal. ¿Cuál es la tuya? #Asegúrate y comparte tu historia → [IMAGEN] [Enlace] #OurSalud