11 12 Friday Letters: Rep. Ken Dunkin showed courage
With no budget, and the Hatfields and McCoys of Springfield in full attack mode, a politician finally has the guts to stand up to the almighty House Speaker and do the unthinkable: risk his political future by making a bi-partisan gesture to end the gridlock.

What does Rep. Ken Dunkin get for his efforts? A Democratic colleague throws his nameplate across the House floor to the side of the Republicans. And the president of a powerful union attacked him for using people as pawns.

Someone actually has the guts to stand up for what is right, to end the unfathomable gridlock we are in, to stand up to the most powerful man in Illinois saying “I don’t work for Madigan”, and this is what he gets? When you can’t get any respect for doing the right thing from your own party, nor from the media, nor the very people you are working for, something is wrong to the very core of our government. No wonder this state is so messed up. Here’s a slogan I would rally behind: Dunkin for Speaker.

But alas there is something else too broken to fix. The most powerful man in the state is still elected by a handful of residents. The speaker position should be a statewide elected position. The power of that office extends across the state from Antioch to Jacksonville; why shouldn’t all of our residents have a say in who wields the sword?